Moray Firth Dolphins

Moray Firth Dolphins

Dolphin Watch

Dolphins and Porpoises can be affected by power boats and personal watercraft (commonly known as Jet Skis), either directly from injuries received in collisions, or indirectly through noise generated underwater by the crafts propulsion interfering with their echo-location systems. Calves and pregnant females are particularly vunerable to disturbance.
Unless care is taken accidents can result in serious injury to dolphins or porpoises.
If you are a power boat or personal watercraft user, please follow these guidelines when you see dolphins or porpoises -

Avoid sudden changes in speed or direction. Slowing down suddenly will confuse and scare dolphins or porpoises as much as speeding up.

Avoid travelling at high speed.

Look out for groups of dolphins or porpoises and avoid heading straight for them - they may not be aware you are there.

Avoid swimming with, touching or feeding dolphins - for your safety and theirs. Remember they are wild animals.

Bottlenose Dolphin


Harbour Porpoise


Dolphin Hotspot Map

Bottlenose Dolphins and Harbour Porpoises are protected by law under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981.

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(Courtesy of Scottish Natural Heritage)